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Monday, June 12, 2006

EEG prep, take two

OK, for real this time. Today I'm getting my 72-hour EEG put on. I'm a little nervous about looking like an alien. My cousin called this morning and wanted to stop by today to visit me, and I basically brushed her off. I'm just not sure how weird I'm going to look and how comfortable I'm going to be.

So I washed my hair this morning, and am letting it dry without any product of any kind. Man, am I gonna look like a dandelion.

The finger twitch continues. I guess this is the new "normal." That and feeling sparky all the time. I am getting used to it, but when it starts getting painful like the other night, my acceptance starts to falter.

I am as distracted as possible, however, by the process of moving, and that is a good thing. Hopefully this EEG will yield some answers, and I'll know in about two weeks. Until then, pack pack pack.

And just pray I don't run into anyone I know on the way home from the doctor's today. Will post pictures later.


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