It's just nerves, honey...

Friday, June 09, 2006


Mostly, all this nerve crap has just been annoying, and, well, unnerving (haha). But it's starting to hurt, and that bugs me more.

Right now the backs of both of my hands are stinging. Like maybe I got stung by a jellyfish. Do you think it's likely that there are jellyfish lurking in my bed? Clearly I need to wash the sheets more often.

It's keeping me awake tonight and that pisses me off, because I really need sleep right now! Got a total of about four broken hours last night, and I'm a zombie. But ow -- damn, it stings.

And of course, my right pinky it twitching away. No cause for alarm, says the doctor. I say, see how you feel when one of your digits starts moving without your knowledge or consent. It's a downright betrayal, I tell you.

My Alien Weekend was postponed. Problem with the equipment (that inspires confidence, doesn't it?). She offered me next weekend, but since my moving process begins next weekend, that wasn't going to work for me. So I'm getting it put on on Monday, and taken off Thursday. So Alien Weekend has become Alien Weekdays. Fun fun fun. All I can say is, my 12 year old better not need any rides home from school... I am not eager to scare children in the carpool line.

So the early part of my week will be housebound. I'll have to think up some good activities for the toddler and I to do together that don't require going out in public. Or sweating. Or playing with my wire hair.

Meanwhile, my poor Grandma had a CT scan this afternoon. She was supposed to have an MRI, but whoops! -- she has a pacemaker. So, no go there. I hope the CT scan is enough. She is so dizzy and has such bad vertigo, she can hardly walk. I hope they figure out what is wrong. At least we can commiserate about what a pain in the ass testing is.

My cheerful attitude is showing some cracks in its thin veneer. This crap better get figured out, and soon. I ain't sleepin' with any jellyfish. Man, that just ain't right.


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