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Wednesday, June 14, 2006



I have the funny things off my head. I am 100% human again. Phew! Being a cyborg was really starting to bother me. It's very demanding, you know. You're expected to have all these super-human powers, be able to see through metal, that kind of thing, and it's really quite challenging.

Now I am all me again. And you know what the tech said. "I would say most people don't make it three days, and have to get it taken off early." *Most* people. She actually said I did really well, because when she heard I was going to be taking care of a toddler with no help, she didn't think I was even going to make it one day.

I don't feel so wimpy now.

She also said she was sure they had enough data. She said 48 hours should be plenty, especially since I pushed the button over 100 times.

I won't get results until June 28th. So the next two weeks are just look-busy time. Hopefully we are done with the tests and we will have some answers already. Meanwhile, pack pack pack. And try to remember how to ignore it all again (I keep wanting to push a button when my foot tingles). Pay noooo attention to that finger twitching over there.

Back to work.


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