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Thursday, February 22, 2007


The neurologist appointment was basically a waste of time, except for the referral for the MRI. It was a big fat disappointment.

I went in there with a list of symptoms, and the dates when they occurred -- I had really put a lot of effort into being prepared and having all of the information that my doctor would need in order to start figuring this out. She barely let me speak. I was so frustrated. I started telling her about how this all started, just over a month ago, and she started shaking her head and saying, "You're a mystery, what can I say..." not looking at me, just looking at my chart. WTF??? Maybe it would seem a little less mysterious if you would actually listen to what I'm saying, hmm?

UGH. I never even got to mention at least half the symptoms, and when I mentioned the double vision, she said, "When's the last time you went to the eye doctor? You should go to the eye doctor." Um, what? Are we assuming that the double vision is some totally unrelated coinkeedink? Or should I go to the eye doctor on general principles because I haven't gone for a while? Or is the eye doctor going to help diagnose this? I have no idea, because I didn't have a chance to ask her.

Whatever. She referred me for an MRI of my brain and of my C-spine (neck), and I go next Friday. If the MRI shows something, then fine, we'll have something to work with. If somehow it doesn't, I'm going to seek a second opinion. Someone who actually seems to care one way or the other whether my body is working right. Dammit.


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