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Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm ba-ack...

I see it's been about 7 months since I posted anything. That's about right. The nerve stuff really calmed down after the move, and since all those tests turned up a whole lotta nothin', the neurologist said I only needed to come back if I was still having symptoms in six months. And it looks like my time is up!

The sparkiness and tingling really got better as the summer went on. With the move behind me, stress levels went wayyyy down, too. My husband thinks these things are not unrelated, and I tend to agree. But what is causing it anyway?

I would say my symptoms pretty much disappeared for several months. Or at least got down to such a low level that I wasn't even paying much attention.

Then, about two months ago now, I started occasionally feeling warmth in my legs. It would feel like I had dipped my leg in a really hot bath. Several times I actually touched my leg to see if it was really a) wet or b) warm to the touch. But nope, it seems to have been some kind of nerve mis-fire. I "feel" sensations that aren't actually there.

About two and a half weeks ago, I thought I had the flu. I had a low-grade fever for two days, bad headaches, and I was totally exhausted, just bone tired. And I felt really achey. After two days, the fever went away and I started to feel a little better, get some energy back. But the general achiness had become really bad joint pain. Supposedly I have psoriatic arthritis, so this shouldn't be a shock, but my joints had been pretty good for a while. It's been over a year since the last *really* bad episode. (Of course, I'm not sure it really *is* arthritis, so I'll just call it joint pain for now.)

My right wrist hurt (still hurts, actually). But it didn't just hurt, it felt weak. I had trouble opening jars, doing buttons. My right hand felt clumsy. I kept dropping things because they were just slipping out of my hand, like I couldn't keep a good grip on anything. Both knees hurt so badly, I was limping for a few days. But there was no swelling. None. Pain so bad I could hardly bend my leg, but no swelling.

And then as my knees started to get better, and the joint pain in general lessened, I noticed that I was sparky again. It's the freakin' Fourth of July in my nervous system. I've got the tingling, the stinging, the electric-shock type stuff. It seems to all be in my arms and legs. It's annoying, and it hurts, and mostly I'm just angry that it's back. I thought we were done with this. I thought whatever the mystery thing was, that it was gone. I didn't mind not knowing WHAT it was, as long as it had already run its course. But now I'm stuck with this damn mystery again.

Just call me Sparky. Again.


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