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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The MRI was clean, supposedly. Nothing of note. My neuro basically said, "gee, I dunno, you better get a second opinion." Thanks. Very helpful.

I am now in the process of trying to get an appointment with anyone who might be able to figure this thing out. And getting more and more impatient.

In the past month, my right-side numbness has become so common that I barely notice it anymore, except when it interferes with my walking or writing. Last night I was carrying my laptop up to my office and was hugging it to my chest with both arms -- my daughter just says, "Numb?" because she knows I'm more pront to dropping things when I'm numb.

A few new things I've noticed: when my right arm is numb, it is also cold to the touch. Sometimes *quite* cold. And my electric-shock-like sparks are back, big time. Saturday it was like an electric storm in my body. Both sides, though, not just right like the numbness.

And something new: I have a pain in what I can only describe as my right sit bone -- the right back base of my pelvis. Hurts like the dickens and is getting worse every day. Sitting *really* hurts. And I also have pain in my lower back that is intermittent, but when it happens is enough to take my breath away, literally. What the hell??

Every day I think, I can always go to the ER. Is today the day I'm going to go to the ER? Is it bad enough to go yet? I have to keep holding it out there as an option, because the nomral channels don't seem to be working well for me. How hard is it to find a doctor who will find my problems sufficiently interesting to want to solve them?


  • I hope you find another doctor who can give a second opinion must be very frustrating to constantly live with this uncertainty and stress. You're a very strong woman!

    By Blogger sarahandscottsmommy, at 12:32 AM  

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