It's just nerves, honey...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Everything falls apart

Why can't one thing go wrong at a time?

So I'm waiting around for my MRI, dealing with my intermittent right-side numbness, tingling, lightheadedness, and occasionally funky vision, and trying to just make the best of it and soldier on. But meanwhile, back at the ranch, my husband is starting a new job on Monday and is therefore working his tail off to finish up the old job, my two year old has been sick for a whopping FIVE DAYS now, I've had various extended-family dramas to attend to, and I've now fallen woefully behind in basically all of my classes due to missing this entire week so far. Did I mention that I'm so tired all the time that I nod off whenever the little one's watching TV?

I need a vacation.

36 hours until my MRI, which will hopefully show something useful this time. Otherwise it's sayonara to Dr. Distracted. I ain't got time for this.


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